Worksite To The Weekend

Mitch Marsh signs for SafeStyle
SafeStyle is absolutely pumped to welcome Mitch Marsh to the team as the newest SafeStyler and Brand Ambassador. From hitting huge boundaries on the cricket pitch, Mitch has joined the SafeStyle team to push boundaries off it. A True Aussie...
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SafeStyle Brown Polarised - Join The VIP List
SafeStyle is launching the Brown Polarised collection! The brand new Brown Polarised Lens lets you see in natural, true colour and improves depth perception. This is a must-have for when you're out on the water, driving and repelling the harsh Aussie...
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April Fools 2024
HAPPY APRIL FOOLS…OR IS IT? Don’t worry, it’s not all bad news. As you know, at SafeStyle we love being ahead of the game when it comes to all things protective eyewear. And… Even though this release isn’t availble to...
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SafeStyle are very proud to partner with Stefanie Apostolidis aka Melbourne Chippy Chick, founder of Tradie Lady Club. Stef's journey from becoming a qualified carpenter to creating Tradie Lady Club was inspiring and emotional. “I wanted myself and other women...
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Happy April Fools Legends!
SafeStyle are in the game of making Certified Safety Glasses so we don't have these insanely ridiculous pair of speed dealers, BUT we still have some epic sh#% SHOP THE RANGE NOW Let us know what crazy ideas you have,...
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