The Journey Vol 1: FIFO Tradie X Van Life



In this episode we aim to put an emphasis on how a regular guy can achieve a not so regular life. Part time Fifo worker and full time frotha Tori Branton gives us his perspective on how to balance a life between polarising environments. His ability to harness the power of meditation and his willingness to connect with people in and out of the workplace is truly inspiring. Let’s dive in and submerge ourselves in Tori's world and learn how we can coordinate a dream life between work and play.


SafeStyle.. an idea brought to life. One pair of safety sunglasses that has changed the game forever. At first, I thought it would just be a great achievement to create a pair of protective eyewear that hopefully my mates would like… you really never know what’s just around the corner. I never thought I'd be responsible for a running a worldwide business. But on top of the success with SafeStyle came with a lot of opportunity’s and opened doors I never thought was in my reach. Thanks to my amazing circle of friends and the team here at SafeStyle, we have evolved into a company that can and will give back. We have big ideas about where we can take “The Journey” thanks to the collaboration with H Brockman Media and the SafeStyle team we are able to provide this platform in hopes to bring inspiration to like minded groups and individuals to bring success to many generations to come.


Being a country boy from a small farming community a couple of hours North of Perth, Western Australia Henry has the utmost respect and love for the land and ocean. Starting out capturing Earths natural beauty through photography, he gained a strong passion for being able to express the way life looks through my eyes. This love for cameras has grown immensely over the years as he immersed myself in learning the ways of cinematic film making and adventure photography. Henry creates exciting, energetic and engaging videos for advertisements, small documentaries and wedding videos. He has worked with athletes, business owners, musicians and truely unique and incredible individuals to share their amazing stories with the world. Henry has a true passion for his work and puts his heart and sole into creating a masterpiece with every new project.