Introducing the Lites from SafeStyle

A game-changing innovation has arrived - SafeStyle Lites, the world's first antimicrobial safety glasses! Born from our commitment to push boundaries, the Lites are here to revolutionise eye protection for healthcare professionals.  

Imagine safety glasses that don’t just shield your eyes but actively kill bacteria. Let's dive into what makes the Lites a must-have for medical professionals.

What are the SafeStyle Lites?

The SafeStyle Lites are a trailblazing creation in the world of protective eyewear. These aren't just any safety glasses - they’re designed specifically for healthcare heroes working in hygiene-sensitive environments.

Made from a unique bio-polycarbonate, the Lites kill microbes on impact, providing unparalleled protection.

Available in two sleek designs, the Squares and the Rounds, the Lites cater to every style preference.

 Simply put, if you’re in healthcare, you need a pair of these revolutionary glasses.

How do the Lites work?

The secret behind the Lites' effectiveness lies in their unique antimicrobial material. This ground-breaking compound actively kills 98.4% of bacteria, including notorious pathogens like Staphylococcus Aureus.

By reducing microbial presence, the Lites help lower infection risks and keep your eyewear cleaner for longer. This means the Lites require less intense sterilisation.

Imagine not having to swap out your safety glasses every single day!

The Lites aren’t just a new product; they’re a paradigm shift in healthcare eye protection. They make life easier, cleaner, and safer for all healthcare professionals.

Unmatched Protection

Packed with cutting-edge tech, the Lites provide superior protection in healthcare environments. Certified to AS/NZS 1337.1 standards, they offer medium-impact protection. 

Whether you’re a paramedic on the road from job to job, or a surgeon in the OR, the Lites have got your back.

Face the unpredictability of the medical world with confidence, knowing the Lites are ready for anything the job throws at you.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

In line with our commitment to sustainability, the Lites are crafted from a plant-based bio-polycarbonate. This eco-friendly material ensures that the Lites are not only durable but also kinder to the planet.

They last longer than typical disposable safety glasses, meaning less waste and fewer replacements. Cleaner, greener, and more hygienic.

Meeting the Needs of Healthcare Professionals

The Lites are designed with healthcare professionals in mind, offering:

 Comfort: Ultra-lightweight and comfortable, the Lites are perfect for even the toughest shifts. With a design that’s soft on the nose and ears, you can wear them all day without discomfort.

Anti-fog: Say goodbye to fogged-up lenses! The Lites feature an anti-fog coating, ensuring clear vision even when you’re wearing a facemask.

Style: Who says safety glasses can’t be stylish? The Squares and Rounds look good and feel good and are far more comfortable than ugly throwaways.

Other Uses for the Lites

The Lites aren’t just for doctors and nurses. Dentists, veterinarians, scientists – anyone needing bacteria-fighting eye protection can rock ‘em.

Even in food production, the Lites provide an extra level of protection and hygienic safety. Wherever cleanliness and safety are important, the Lites are your new go-to eyewear. 

So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Protect your eyes and stay stylish and hygienic with the SafeStyle Lites.

Check them out and experience the future of protective anti-microbial eyewear today!